What is the use of Servlets?

Servlets may be used at different levels on a distributed framework. The following are some examples of servlet usage:

  • To accept form input and generate HTML Web pages dynamically.
  • As part of middle tiers in enterprise networks by connecting to SQL databases via JDBC.
  • In conjunction with applets to provide a high degree of interactivity and dynamic Web content generation.
  • For collaborative applications such as online conferencing.
  • A community of servlets could act as active agents which share data with each other.
  • Servlets could be used for balancing load among servers which mirror the same content.
  • Protocol support is one of the most viable uses for servlets. For example, a file service can start with NFS and move on to as many protocols as desired; the transfer between the protocols would be made transparent by servlets. Servlets could be used for tunneling over HTTP to provide chat, newsgroup or other file server functions.

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