XYZWS: SCDJWS Certification Study Guide
SCDJWS Certification

Web Services technologies are widely adopted and are the best choice for candidates aspiring for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).  Information Technology increasingly needs to integrate various heterogeneous application systems, and one of the best ways to integrate them is by using Web Services. In other words, Web Services enable disparate systems to communicate with each other in a platform-independent way.The (SCDJWS) Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services  certification exam is for developers who have been creating web services applications using Java technology components such as those supported by the Java Web Services Developer Pack and the Java 2, Enterprise Edition 1.4 platform.

Passing SCDJWS certifies that the candidate has achieved a standard level of proficiency with web services, as well as with the Java technologies that support web services.  To take SCDJWS Certification, you must have already achieved the status of Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform.

 SCDJWS Exam Preparation

The SCDJWS certification consists of one exam and requires the (SCJP) Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform (any edition) status as a prerequisite.

To perform well in the SCJWS exam, you must have a thorough understanding of the specified Web Services technologies, Java APIs to deal with these technologies, design and architecture of web services, and how web services fit into the J2EE Platform.

The SCDJWS exam tests your knowledge on various aspects of Web Services, including core web service technologies, Java APIs to deal with those technologies, security, design and architecture of web services. You need to have a thorough understanding of the above to perform well in the exam.

 SCDJWS Exam Detail

Preparation for any exam requires in-depth study of the subject to attain a good score apart from practicing. Take the help of mock tests but before you begin, it is important that all the information and details about the exam should be clear and ready before you.

Exam Number: CX-311-220

  • Prerequisites: Sun Certified Programmer for the Java platform (any edition)
  • SCDJWS Number of questions: 69
  • SCDJWS Passing score: 68%
  • SCDJWS Time limit: 150 min
  • Cost: USD 150
  • SCDJWS Types of Questions:
    • Multiple Choice (Single Response)
    • Multiple Choice (Multiple Response)
    • Drag N Drop

Note: The number of correct choices for multiple-choice questions is given in the exam.

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