SCDJWS Study Guide: JAXR

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JAXR Capability Profiles

Because some diversity exists among registry provider capabilities, the JAXR expert group decided to provide multilayer API abstractions through capability profiles. Each method of a JAXR interface is assigned a capability level, and those JAXR methods with the same capability level define the JAXR provider capability profile.

Currently, JAXR defines only two capability profiles: level 0 profile for basic features and level 1 profile for advanced features. Level 0's basic features support so-called business-focused APIs, while level 1's advanced features support generic APIs. At the minimum, all JAXR providers must implement a level 0 profile. A JAXR client application using only those methods of the level 0 profile can access any JAXR provider in a portable manner. JAXR providers for UDDI must be level 0 compliant.

JAXR providers can optionally support the level 1 profile. The methods assigned to this profile provide more advanced registry capabilities needed by more demanding JAXR clients. Support for the level 1 profile also implies full support for the level 0 profile. JAXR providers for ebXML must be level 1 compliant.

A JAXR client can discover the capability level of a JAXR provider by invoking methods on the CapabilityProfile interface. If the client attempts to invoke capability level methods unsupported by the JAXR provider, the provider will throw an UnsupportedCapabilityException.

NOTE, because WS-I BP sanctions the use of UDDI, not ebXML, we MUST use JAXR level 0 profile.

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